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I have been painting since I was 8 years old. Learning from my father I gradually developed a style of my own. Although I have painted in tempera, acrylic and oil I prefer to work in oil. Oil allows me the freedom to do subtle blending of light and shadows that is more difficult to achieve in other faster drying mediums.

Mr. Havrilla received an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1976. He has diverse experience in both the Information Technology and Engineering fields including management, design, production and fabrication.

Some of his accomplishments are:

-  Managed, designed, and detailed fresh and reacted alumina handling system for Pingguo Aluminum Smelter, Peoples Republic of China. In these responsibilities Mr. Havrilla designed the dense phase conveying systems, dilute phase air slide conveyors, low pressure and compressed air conveying piping and routing.

He was also responsible for the design of the instrumentation and control system for entire material handling system including PLC and control room computers. In the final stages of the project he supervised start-up and training of Chinese personnel at Pingguo Plant Site and performed on-site calibration, performance and certification tests.

-  Designed a Research and Development Facility in Pennsylvania for pneumatic conveying test systems. The design included both equipment layout and design of a state of the art data acquisition and control system for displaying and recording test data on dilute and dense phase conveying test systems.

-  Designed, developed and patented the first Dense Phase Potline Feed System for distribution of alumina to reduction cells for the Aluminum Industry.

-  Hand built 3 scale models for industry clients

-  Designed and built flight simulator dynamic bed control.

-  Design and built personal CNC machine

-  Designed, developed and patented an aeration separator for hydrated lime United States Patent: 4,946,044 Havrilla August 7, 1990 - Aeration separator. Click here for more details.

-  Designed, developed and patented apparatus and method for pneumatically conveying bulk materials - United States Patent: 5,494,381. Click here for more details.

-  Co-owned software firm where he developed the TIESDocs OnLine export documentation system. A web based service for exporters, logistics firms and freight forwarders to prepare export documentation.

-  1991 - Presented Paper at the Pneumatec 4 Conference in Glasgow Scotland titled 'Use of Data Acquisition and Control Systems in Pneumatic Conveying Research'.

-  1992 - Presented Paper at the Bulk Solids Conference in Chicago, IL titled 'Advanced Data Acquisition and Control Systems for Pneumatic Conveying Research'.

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