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March 16, 1026


The portrait is amazing, I love it!!
Your talent has created a treasure of my companion to remember forever.
It has been a pleasure working with you.

Wake Forest, NC


December 8, 2013


Absolutely excellent job on the painting, my wife was floored when she opened it.

Been a pleasure working with you!


Dolce and Diva

December 4, 2013


Your picture is now in my home and I look at it and smile.
Look at Dolce standing next to her picture how sweet is that. Diva was more excited about the box.

Thank you again for this amazing portrait. My girls will be forever imortilized thanks to you.

God Bless you sir.......you made me so happy

Thank you again for all of your hard work on it!



January 4, 2011


I just want to thank you for dropping off the portrait today! It brought tears to my eyes and I know my boyfriend and his family will LOVE it!

Thank you again for all of your hard work on it!

Thanks and have a great day!


Noel and April

December 9, 2011


Hey, we recieved the painting today. I was blown away when we opened the box. The packaging was great and there was no issues with the shipping. The painting is outstanding and my husband and I couldn't be more pleased. My parents are going to love this gift. You did such a great job capturing the personalities of the dogs. Thank you again!

Working with you has been a pleasure and I appreciate your prompt communication. You truly have a gift!

Jenna and Patrick

January 2, 2012


If you could only imagine our delight on Christmas Morning when we opened our painting of our little angels, Noel and April. Your professionalism and artistry clearly shows in your paintings. I couldn't believe my eyes when I compared the picture to your painting. You truly have a gift for capturing the eyes, expressions and body movement of our loved ones. There are so few times in our lives when a snapshot is taken and that moment in time is preserved forever. Thank you for creating this gift as our little angels will now be with us forever!

Bob and Karen

Bourbon and Coffee

October 31, 2010


It's here and it looks fantastic! Thank you so much for contributing your time and talent. This will hang in a place of honor always and is a perfect reminder of the great dog I once had and the new one with all the potential in the world if he listens to Bourbon's advice.

May you give others as much pleasure as you have given me.




August 12, 2009


Your oil portrait arrived today and was received with lots of tears. I have temporarily just set it up on the mantle (see attached photos) The black frame is perfect as you can see and the size is the perfect scale for the mantle. My wife was speechless...thanks to your talent to capture the spirit of our beloved Dixie. I was also most impressed with the packaging...wonderful job! We are still very saddened by our loss but placed a marble marker over the grave and have put down a deposit on a white lab puppy to be named Daisy...Lord...here we go again! Ha! Anyway I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for the wonderful job you have done....we will now be able to always remember Dixie as she was in her final days thanks to you.


Feebee and Shelby

August 15, 2009

Here's a few pics of the painting. It looks great!

Here's a funny story. Feebee was watching me open the box but she never did see what was inside. So she meanders back to the garage with Shelby. I took the painting and put it on the floor up against the wall near my fireplace. Anyway a little later I was upstairs and I hear Feebee barking so I poke my head out of the room and look down. She sees the painting, realizes it's a dog and is cautiously watching and approaching it. It's a great testament to your accuracy. Feebee was fooled for sure, yikes there are two Shelby's! Shelby eventually came in and she too recognized it and was a bit cautious around it but finally they both came up to it and gave it a good sniff job. I did take advantage and chase Feebee around with it, just a little.

So thanks again.


BISA Ch. LionShadow
Prince Hilarion's

May 11, 2009

HI John,

I tried to call you but couldn't find your number. I am so pleased I wanted to tell you personally how I feel about my painting, but I will tell you via email that my painting is fabulous!

I hope you will not take this the wrong way but I think it, my painting, is the Andy Warhol of dog pictures. It's not an English oil and not a modern dog painting, but rather the best of all of his parts put together as if he was perfect. Which, alas he is not, but he is a great dog and I love him very much.

You painted him exactly as I asked you to do, and I know I asked for many changes, but it came together in a way I could not even imagine.

Thank you, thank you thank you and the fact that is was framed and ready to hang on the wall was an added plus, as well as the care you took in shipping it.

Please use me, or my letter as a reference if needed. I will give you an A+++++++++++++


LionShadow Pekingese ROM

May 21, 2009

Hi John,

I just want to tell you that we had to have Larry put to sleep this afternoon, and I am so thankful to you for doing such a great picture of him. It is a wonderful memento of his life and I will cherish it always!


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